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Wildfit is an exclusive Nutrition and Personal Training Studio, mainly focused on Human Body Transformation under the abled guidance of highly certified Nutrition Researchers and Personal Trainers.

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About Founders

Shailesh Darekar

I am Shailesh Darekar founder of WILDFIT Nutrition and Personal Training Studio. A Certified Nutritionist in Strength Performance and A lifestyle coach. From being a fat guy weighing 116 kgs in IT industry to a Fitness professional having major certifications like K11 Human Performance Nutrition, K11 Diploma In personal Training , National Academy Of Sports Medicine, International Sports Science Association, The American College Of Sports Medicine etc. It has been journey full of learning experiences.

Ever since “No Pain, No Gain”, has been the ultimate mantra of my life.

I was able to enhance my fitness levels by shredding to 78 kgs from 116 kgs recovering mostly from all hormonal imbalances along with Gynaecomastia.

It is rightly said that only workout or training is not the solution to reduce weight or achieve fitness. It is equally important to focus on the nutrition while doing workouts.

Arya Pandit

Arya Pandit has several years of experience and is specialized in more than 4 well-known certificates. He wants to devote his life to improving people's lives by reversing diseases utilizing contemporary technology along with traditional Indian wisdom, therapeutic herbs, and inclusive health. By lowering the burden of disease through cost-effective integrative health regimens, he encourages healthy and wholesome living. Arya has come up with this program which sums up his experience and demonstrates important ways to live a healthy and disease-free life.

His certification :

He has helped 1000+ people to reach their desired fitness goals and aesthetics.


  • AMAZING NUTRITIONIST! AMAZING GYM . The staff here is incredibly friendly and extremely qualified! They know how to push you to the limit in the best way possible with your daily nutrition And Workout. You will not leave disappointed! Such a family vibe – I highly recommend WILDFIT Gym.

    vikas shirshat Avatar vikas shirshat
    October 9, 2023
  • I am done with 20 sessions today. It’s been a good experience so far. Siddhant has been looking after my training and there has been visible improvements in my strength and stamina. I am really happy with the progress I have made with his help. WildFit factors in nutrition equally along with personal training and Akshada has been helping me with that. They make my effort worthwhile.

    Nipun Kedia Avatar Nipun Kedia
    October 2, 2023
  • Struggling with health issues like bloating, acidity, indigestion, coupled with fatigue and borderline obesity and good old depression, I knew it was time for a lifestyle change. My life science background and self-taught fitness knowledge weren't enough; I needed direction, guidance, and consistency. That's when a Google search led me to Wildfit. In just 3.5 months, I've shed 6% body fat, gained 2 kg of muscle, and overcame digestive problems and sugar addiction. Beyond physical changes, the knowledge I've gained about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle is invaluable. So much so that I started formal education in nutrition science and can now guide my friends and family. Wildfit's approach is impressive. From initial counseling to pre-hab evaluation, to personalized nutrition, and training plans (while taking your medical conditions into consideration), everything is meticulously designed. My initial Performance Coach, Tejas Kulkarni, helped me build a strong foundation in weight training and cardiovascular excercises. My current coach, Shreepad Hodawadekar, is incredibly supportive, tracking my progress, form, and technique, going the extra mile to teach me and satisfy my curiosity. The entire Wildfit team shares this dedication. Niharika Hajare, my nutritionist, not only understood my metabolic needs but also offered realistic and sustainable diet plans along with the right supplementation. From the harmful effects of excess carbs to the importance of saturated fats, to the proper order of planning the day’s meals. Her expertise surpassed that of a costly gastroenterologist I previously consulted. Though my journey with Wildfit is far from over, it's already been life-changing. Kudos to Shailesh, Arya, and Varsha for building an outstanding team that's making a real difference in people's lives. Cheers to a healthier future!

    Abhranil Mukherjee Avatar Abhranil Mukherjee
    October 2, 2023
  • It has been more than 3 weeks, I started my transformation journey with wildfit. And it is going amazing. I started my workout training with Aniket Sir. One thing I appreciate about him is that he not only gives workout to do but also explains the science behind that workout training exercise. And it helps me to focus on targeting muscles used in that workout. And more than training exercises what we eat matters the most. And Priyanshi Ma’am helped me with that as my nutritionist. You always answered every question I had and clarify every doubt even some of them were silly doubts. I appreciate one thing about Priyanshi Ma’am is that, you keeps following up when I miss to gives update on my daily diet. Last but not the least, I like to thank wildfuel. I was worried that how I can fulfil my daily diet need with PG/ office food, but wildfuel was a saver. I’m liking taste of food and in hand delivery even though my lunch addresses are not fix. My last BCA result was good, but more than that I’m happy because I start feeling confident that I can achieve my fitness goal.

    Shishir Kumbhar Avatar Shishir Kumbhar
    October 2, 2023
  • I have been training in wildfit for 6 months now , the place carry's a different aura which I have never seen in any other gym specially the trainners and nutritionist here are very much knowledgeable. I am luck to have himanshu sir ( CENTER HEAD ) of wildfit as my coach and Niharika mam as my nutritionist these both people are amazing in there work there is not a single day that they don't take a follow up from me about my diet and workout. Himanshu sir designes my workout according to my goals and truly I have seen great results through out the months and my lifestyle has fully changed with the correct nutrition and workout plan everyday I have been asked by himanshu sir if I had completed my diet or not and Niharika mam daily asks and keep an update about my health and nutrition .Niharika mam has perfectly understand my body type an given me the perfect nutrition according to my work pattern. THANK YOU WILDFIT !! FOR THIS SUPPORT .AND KEEP GROWING MORE AND MORE !!

    navnath kand Avatar navnath kand
    September 25, 2023
  • I can't say enough good things about Wildfit Gym! This place has been an absolute game-changer in helping me achieve my physical goals. From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew I was in the right place. The trainers at Wildfit Gym are top-notch. They're not just knowledgeable, but they're also incredibly supportive and motivational. They tailor workouts and nutrition plans to individual needs, ensuring that every member gets a personalized fitness experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gym-goer, they've got you covered. The facilities are outstanding – clean, well-maintained, and equipped with the latest fitness gear. It's a space where you can focus on your workouts without any distractions. What sets Wildfit Gym apart is their commitment to holistic health. They don't just focus on lifting weights; they emphasize the importance of nutrition, mental well-being, and overall lifestyle changes. It's a comprehensive approach to fitness that yields lasting results. I've seen remarkable progress since joining Wildfit Gym. Not only have I achieved my physical goals, but I've also gained a newfound confidence and energy. It's not just a gym; it's a community that supports and inspires you every step of the way. If you're serious about transforming your fitness journey, look no further than Wildfit Gym. I'm incredibly grateful to them for helping me become the best version of myself. Thank you, Wildfit Gym! 🏋️‍♀️💪🌟

    Mahesh Ghate Avatar Mahesh Ghate
    September 16, 2023

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