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Gagan Nigam

I was doing the exercises and dieting from my own for a very long time and there was a time where I hit the plateau and I was experiencing no progress in my body, then I decided to approach a professional coach, after searching a long time, I found Wildfit clinic and I talked to Shailesh over the phone. He is a knowledgeable guy and he explains the whole process and I immediately opted for the program, It’s been 3 months and I have lost around 14kg fat and I have lost a very minimum amount of muscle mass. When I took this program, there was a lockdown situation where all the gyms and fitness centers are not operating and it’s a little challenging for me to do home workouts, but with the help of Shailesh and his endless motivation, I achieve what I have dreamed of.
Thank you so much, Team Wildfit”

Sweety Ambalkar

“I and my doctors both thought I could not loose weight given my various conditions of thyroid, high cholesterol and CVD. But not only I lost weight but the nutrition plan and continuous support that I got from team Wildfit and
my Nutritionist Shailesh Darekar really worked wonders for me. Initially I was a bit skeptical as I have tried many diet patterns in the past including the Dixit diet, intermittent fasting and even calorie deficit diets from clinical dietitians as and when recommended by my doctors but none worked and then Shailesh introduced meto a healthy low carb lifestyle diet and explained how ketosis could help me manage my preexisting ailments and along our journey it did too. Kudos to team Wildfit!”

Mamta Thakkar

“I have been taking the guidance from Shailesh since a while now and it seems I was giving all my efforts but not getting results comparatively. The reason being the efforts were not aligned correctly. Knowing my background, my workout strategy, my eating habits, my taste and then
preparing customized diet is what has been the reason for the achievement in terms of weight loss that I achieved. I am really grateful to have been able to be a part of WildFit and want to recommend it to everyone who wishes to adapt a healthy approach to lifestyle.”

Nilesh Jagtap

“Mr. Shailesh Darekar’s therapy for weight loss is
beneficial for me. My starting weight was 120 kg and after
therapy it is 98 kg. Tremendous change has takes place inmy physic. Thanks to the whole team!”